yes, you are in control >

hypnosis-can-not-force-youIn film, literature and TV, hypnosis is often portrayed in such a theatrical way it’s not unreasonable that many people have misconceptions and often feel uneasy about hypnosis.

People are often surprised when I tell them that each one of us experience hypnosis on a daily basis, yet this is what happens!  When we’re on the verge of falling asleep and as we awake are both moments in which we are in an ‘in-between’ state, a hypnotic state.

How many times while driving a car on a familiar stretch of road have you reached your destination and don’t recall how you arrived there? Many, am I right? Well, on those occasions you were driving in a hypnotic state. You were doing something so familiar that your conscious mind took a rest and your unconscious mind took over, functioning as an automatic pilot.

So you can see how hypnosis is a perfectly natural state. A state in which our conscious mind is at rest and our unconscious mind, the part which deals with any automatic actions like breathing, sleeping, digesting, tying your shoe lace, is still very much aware, alert and in control.

Bear in mind too, that under hypnosis it’s not possible to make someone do something they don’t want to do – hypnotherapy is all about helping people do something they DO want to do.

Oh, and there is no risk that someone will remain ‘hypnotised’ forever or until somebody ‘clicks’ their finger.

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