let go and take control >

take-control-of-your-lifeIt’s part of human nature to want to control things, to determine what happens around us, making life easier and more comfortable. In doing this it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s easier and more comfortable to control things that we have the power to control and accept that there are things we do not have the power to control;

We can not change the weather

We can not change choices we’ve already made

We can not change the past

We can not change inevitable life events

We can not change other people

But all is not lost, there are things we can change that will give you control;

We can change our self

We can change the way we think

We can change the way we do things

We can change our perspective towards life

We can change the way we live.

This way, not only do we avoid the inevitable frustration that comes with not being able to change something that’s not in our control, we gain a sense of satisfaction and pride and, as Steve Maraboli says, incredible change begins to happen in our life;

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”

2 responses to “let go and take control >

  1. I agree it can seem difficult but it’s worth keeping it in mind, with the aim being to live better and be happier. And, I think that like everything else, the more we do it the easier and more natural it becomes.

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