Sleep cleans the brain of toxins>

sleep-well-live-better-insomniaInsomnia is a problem affecting a large number of people, for some it is only a temporary phase, for others it can become an unpleasant and debilitating life companion.

New study from Rochester University and published on the Journal Science suggests sleep is necessary for the brain to get rid of toxins and waste. The accumulation of these toxins is dangerous for our health and thought to be linked to many diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson.

All more good reasons to make sure we have our sleep.

There are many different reasons behind insomnia; stress, anxiety, pain, over thinking, fear of letting go or of losing control, inherited habits (“In my family we are all bad sleepers”),  the believe that sleeping is a waste of time , are among the most usual.

Hypnosis can help overcome any of these problems naturally and easily, without the aid of sleeping tablets or other addictive chemicals.

Using simple suggestions, personalised and tailored to each individual’s needs and perceptions, hypnotherapy will, in most cases, easily solve any problem of insomnia, helping those who suffer from it to have their sleep back and improve their well-being.

This interesting article from NHS Choice, with first hand experience of one ex-insomniac, helps to understand how easily and pleasant it can be.

Give to your brain, and to yourself, the chance to rejuvenate. Ditch your tablets and stop wasting your nights tossing and turning, the solution is here, waiting for you.

Good night everyone.

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