your new year revolution


Many of you will agree that, even with the best of intention, most of our New Year resolutions often don’t see the light of February.

Have you ever thought why that is?

I believe any long-term change we plan have to come from within. It has to come effortlessly and not feel like an imposition or a struggle. Our subconscious mind greatly controls our behaviours, so if we perceive the change as difficult or we don’t enjoy it, it will increasingly find ways of boycotting our efforts pushing us off track.

If we don’t change our mind settings our resolution will always be perceived as something temporary and we will slowly but surely revert back to our ‘comfortable’ ways, quickly finding ourself back were we started.

This is true for everything we decide to do; whether it’s loosing weight, being more active, learning a new language or becoming more successful, whatever improvement you want to make to yourself and your life.

Instead, why don’t you make this New Year resolution a New Year revolution? A positive change in the way you think, the first important step to making your life exactly the way you want it to be, opening the way to a new future.

You may be surprised at how easy it can be to become the person you want to be.

Take advantage of the New Year, seize the moment and take the first important step towards your new life. Once, and for good.

My personal wish to all of you for 2014 is to grow yourself happy.

Happy New Year, Happy New You!


what are your thoughts?

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