In film, literature and TV, hypnosis is often portrayed in such a theatrical way it’s not unreasonable that many people have misconceptions and often feel uneasy about hypnosis.

People are often surprised when I tell them that each one of us experience hypnosIs on a daily basis, yet this is what happens!

When we’re on the verge of falling asleep or we are suddenly woken up, and somehow we are neither completely asleep nor completely awake, but we are in an ‘in-between’ state.

Another very good example, for those of you who drive, how many times while driving a car on a familiar stretch of road have you reached your destination and don’t recall how you arrived there? Many, am I right? Well, on those occasions you were driving in an hypnotic state. You were doing something so familiar that your conscious mind took a rest and your unconscious mind took over, functioning as an automatic pilot. And yet, you arrived safe, maybe even able to hold a conversation with your fellow passengers.

What Hypnotherapy does is, eliciting this very natural state for therapeutic purposes.

When our mind is in this state, our conscious mind is at rest and our unconscious mind, the part which deals with any automatic actions like breathing, sleeping, digesting, tying your shoe lace, is still very much aware, alert and in control. And this is the mind we need to ‘talk to’ to make any changes.

The answer to question which I am often asked is, NO, under hypnosis it’s not possible to make someone do something they don’t want to do – hypnotherapy is all about helping people do something they already want to do. No magic, no tricks.

Just you with more awareness and control over your life.

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