Hypnossage (Hypnotic Massage)

What is Hypnossage?

Hypnossage or hypnotic massage is, as you may expect, a combination of both massage and hypnosis.

It is well known that the benefits of massage include relaxation and well-being. By combining it with aspects of hypnotherapy, hypnossage creates relaxation through the body and mind, a synergy that offers deeper relaxation and arguably provides better results.

Healing with Hypnossage

I am certified as both Hypnotherapist and Massage Therapist and I’ve come to understand how the body responds to touch or pressures, and the mind to positive suggestions. This powerful synergy allows the body to release both physical and mental stress.

By integrating massage with therapeutic hypnotic suggestions we can allow the body and mind to release blocks, de-stress, restore the healthy flow of energy through the body and give the chance to both body and mind to heal as a whole.

Sometimes pain from old injuries may still be locked in the muscle memory of the body, sometimes the memory of the pain is stored in the mind, causing chronic pain and preventing complete healing. The combined practice of hypnossage helps clear emotional trauma, helps the mind to find new healthy patterns, helps free energy blockage within the body meridians, and speeds healing.

Each first session, as for hypnotherapy or massage, is preceded by a consultation to determine the best way to proceed.

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the client.