If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.’ 
We can say this statement is at the very base of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP
But what does NLP mean?  I will give you the very basic, just to give an idea.
 – NEURO  relates to what’s happening in your mind.
– LINGUISTIC  refers to the words you use in your communication, both externally and most important internally
– PROGRAMMING addresses and deals with those leaned patterns of behaviour that you learn and then repeat.
It is about increasing your options instead of being restricted by your past experience just by readjusting, or reprogramming, the way you think or talk.
NLP allows you to discover how you can adapt and change your own thinking when approaching those situations that you find difficult, it gives you the tools the ability to change habits that no longer suits you.
NLP is about learning to look at an old situation with a new perspective, to find new solutions, new results, new success.
NLP recognises that people use unconscious learned patterns of behaviour as strategies to get through life. By becoming aware of these patterns you can change them, doing more of what works for you and discard those words, patterns beliefs that get in the way of your success.
Easily and effortlessly.
It sounds good, doesn’t it?