What some of Stefi’s clients had to say;

Julie (review from FaceBook & Google)

My husband has suffered from insomnia for several years, but after I persauded him to book an appointment with Stefi, she has helped him overcome this is just two sessions. Whereas before he only slept two to three hours a night, if he was lucky, now he regularly sleeps six to seven hours a night. Our grateful thanks to Stefi, she has been amazing.


I came and see Stefi early November . have left it until now, January, to leave a feedback, as I wanted to see how I reacted to the festive season.  Last year I found it very difficolta and I didn’t bother at all. I have never been enthusiastic,  but this year; my goodness I feel really pleased that I am actually enjoying it. Thank you.


My sessions with Stefi were extremely effective, and I feel that she helped me gain a sense of control over my thoughts and emotions. She was very friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable, and the talks we would have before each hypnotherapy session were just as useful in dispelling some of my negative thought patterns that had become automatic for me. The sessions really helped to calm down that downward spiral of anxiety that I would go through often – it felt like some kind of magic trick! I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy as a way to improve your anxiety, and I would definitely recommend Stefi as the hypnotherapist to go to.”


 Within a couple of sessions I was able to deal with a long-standing issue. It feels like I have my life back, and I cannot believe how easy it was. Thank you Stefi. 


After years of being terrified of flying I have decided to give Hypnosis a go. Stefi put me at ease straight away, and with a couple of session of Hypnotherapy and a few NLP triggers I have now finally flown several times and enjoyed it! Stefi also recorded an MP3  relaxation that I saved on my phone, and I often listen to it in the plane, not because I need it but just to relax even more and sleep my trip away. 


I have used Stefi’s hypnotherapy session during my pregnancy. Firstly as I had been feeling sick almost all the time and was unable to eat. Two hypnotherapy sessions and there was a massive improvement. I still was sick but only from time to time and was able to keep my normal day by day routine. As my baby was in a breech position I was preparing for a planned c-section. Never had any surgery in my life so was very anxious and nervous about what was going to happen. Stefi prepared a special CD for me and I listened it every time I felt I am getting really stressed. Stefi was with me while I was waiting to go into theatre and now I can’t imagine how I would cope without her help. She relaxed me and did a short relaxation session plus a massage. I deeply believe that without her help my childbirth experience would not be as good. I was able to control my panic and stress.

Her approach is calm and professional so you just feel secure and safe. The impression you get is when Stefi is with you, nothing wrong will happen as she can help you to be positive and the help you focus is co-operation. Your subconscious supported by hypnotherapy comments will make you more focused on good and positive side of recovery. I am happy I could have Stefi’s help and would recommend her to everyone who is nervous about labour and just want to focus a on the miracle of the birth and be free of panic and stress.


A very big thank you Stefi for the help you gave me with my fear of flying. I was due to fly and I was terrified at the thoughht of it. I went to see Stefi for a couple of session. The results were amazing, I was able to control my panic which I couldn’t even dream doing before. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I would now like to work as a stewardess, but the whole process is a lot more bearable! As I overcome this fear I feel now on overall stronger and much more brave to face challenges of my life.


I consulted Stefi with a long-standing problem. I received prompt and timely service. During our consultation I found Stefi professional, caring and she put me at ease. She is knowledgeable and gave me constructive strategies to help me with my problem. I would highly recommend Stefi to friends, colleagues and family.”


From ‘self-prognosis’ I felt my problem and limitation could only deteriorate or at best stagnate. After having hypnotherapy with Stefania I now feel more able to cope with life despite my ‘self-prognosis’. This in turn leaves hope with future improvements. Many thanks.” 


Recently I was at a very low point in my life due to my illness and that of my husband & daughter which was causing me concern and a lot of anxiety. Someone told me about Stefi and went to see her. She was so kind and understanding. I had a number of sessions with her, each time it benefited me greatly. I was much calmer and could sleep better as I wasn’t so anxious. She really got me back on the road to recovery and I am now back to normal, coping really well. She also made a personal CD for me and if I start feeling anxious I put the CD on and lie on the bed. It is of great help and I have learned how important is to find time for myself. I wouldn’t hesitate to see Stefi again if the need arises. Thank you Stefi. You have given me my life back.”


After a consultation done via the internet, I had CD done to suit personal requirements: insomnia and underlying stress due to work and family problems. Since the first time I listened to it I found it very relaxing and fell asleep naturally within minutes. The sensation of internal relaxation continued during the day after. The more I use it the more it becomes easier to relax and let go. I don’t like the idea of taking sleeping tablets and this was a great alternative. Thank you.”


In a very stressful period of my life, listening to a CD, personally tailored to my requirements and situation, made me feel much better and so relaxed like it didn’t happen in long time. Not having much time I found this solution perfect for me. Thanks a lot.”