what to expect

The initial session starts with an in-depth consultation in which each single case is discussed in a personal, confidential way.

There are very few situation in which hypnotherapy would not be suitable, most of which concern serious mental problems, and each case will be discussed and considered during the consultation.

As hypnotherapy’s efficiency against pain is well-known, in a cases in which a pain hasn’t already been diagnosed, hypnotherapy itself is not the right answer.

Pain is always a symptom of something else, and that something else needs to be addressed first. It would be unprofessional and potentially dangerous, for the therapist to intervene without knowing what is causing the pain.

Therefore, sometimes a letter from your GP, confirming that they are happy for me to proceed with the therapy, will be necessary.

The welfare of clients must always come first. 

Once any doubts have been removed, all the questions have been answered and both the client and I are happy with the outcome, a personally tailored hypnotherapy session can start.

A deep hypnotic state is induced through relaxation and then specific suggestions are given so they can reach the unconscious mind. In this way the unconscious mind will receive them and those suggestions will become a natural and automatic response to a particular situation.

It could be becoming a non smoker, or eating the right food, maybe being able to take that aeroplane in total tranquillity, sleeping well throughout the night, being stress free in any situation, or whatever is that you want to gain control of.

Effortlessly… easily… and permanently!

Since the hypnotic state is achieved through  deep body relaxation, the whole hypnotherapy experience is extremely pleasant, peaceful and rewarding.

As human beings we have an enormous internal power that lays in our unconscious mind. We know our body is a very complex machine, and our unconscious mind is the director of all our functions.

We have the power of decision and of healing and controlling our body, but we only use a very small percentage of these abilities.

We have lost many of these faculties due to the modern way of life, where all is readily available and we know we can count on medications and external help.

On one hand, what modern medicine and research have given us over recent centuries is remarkable and has helped to improve our well-being and prolong our life expectancy. On the other hand, because of this, we have lost contact with our inner-self and our inner-resource. It’s time now to combine these two worlds and get the benefits of both.

With hypnotherapy we can learn how to get in touch with our natural power and control it, how to reach our full potential and to live the life we want; free, in control and yes, happy!